Andy Noble, Divisional Managing Director answers questions about the CDUK rebrand

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For over 40 years, CDUK has helped our customers to realise their design ambitions with a complete solution to solid surface fabrication. Building on these strong and successful foundations, we would like to look to the future with excitement, creativity and an ambition to stay involved at the forefront of design and project realisation for many years to come.

I am delighted to announce the rebrand of CDUK – an evolution of our brand that symbolises our journey towards continued success with our loyal customers and future partners. We welcome you on this journey.

To clarify the thinking behind our rebrand, I have answered a few questions that explain a bit more…

Why did you decide to change the CDUK branding?

We felt this year was the perfect time to freshen-up the CDUK brand and to look towards the future, building on the solid foundations we have established over the past four decades.
After a challenging year, we feel that the rebrand of CDUK is a positive step forward and a natural evolution of our identity and approach.

CDUK wanted to create an identity and brand that appeals to fabricators, architects contractors and kitchen designers – our market and channel partners. We also wanted to emphasise the fact that CDUK are experts in helping partners who face challenges to find elegant solutions for their projects.

Corian® Solid Surface has played a huge role in the success of CDUK, and forms the heart of our business, but we can also offer much more. Taking what we have learned over the past 40 years, CDUK offers our customers a range of products and services that together form a one-stop-shop – fulfilling all their surface design needs.

CDUK logo
New CDUK logo designed by CDP (Communication Design Partnership)

What did you want the new logo to convey?

We feel that our new logo symbolises a dynamic new start, built on solid foundations.

As a business, we see ourselves in the role of design partners for our customers. We wanted to convey the nature of the holistic offering CDUK provides, and the tangram logo perfectly represents the multiple interconnected facets of our business, including quality products, skills, training, and delivery – every aspect of surface design.

We are in the business of finding solutions for our customers, and the use of the Tangram represents a problem elegantly solved by CDUK for our channel partners and customers.

Are there any key messages associated with the new branding?

Over the past four decades, we have built a thriving business, supporting our customers on their journey, from sourcing the best products and materials to helping them unlock their full potential through expert advice and technical knowledge. None more so than the story of our Founder Geoff Baker, who sadly passed away recently. He travelled the world looking for a solution for bathroom vanity countertops and discovered Corian® Solid Surface, leading to the creation of CDUK in 1979. Finding great products and taking them to market with the right support and advice is in our DNA.

We use all our expertise and skills to inspire, realise and expand our customers’ ambitions, and adaptability, integrity and drive for excellence permeate everything we do.

We understand the needs of the UK and Ireland markets better than anyone, and adding value is one of our key mission statements. We are proud that our business is built on the strength of our collaborations – our customers’ challenge is our challenge.

It is important to us that our customers and partners know that CDUK has much more to offer now and in the future. We have refocused our abilities to allow us to effectively service markets and give our customers, including fabricators, contractors, architects and designers, exactly what they want and need at the right time, and offer value for money. In the future we will be about so much more than selling sheets of solid surface, our team have a lot to offer.

Training at CDUK, Jonty Wilde Photography Ltd

What aspect do YOU like the most?

I feel that the bold Tangram logo represents a clarity of message which is crucial to convey to our customers. I really like it. It has such flexibility and will be instantly recognisable for our partners and customers in the future.

The Tangram represents a sum of parts all coming together to create something special. We’re only one part of that equation, our customers and suppliers are all part of the team. That’s one of the most exciting parts of my job, working with brilliant people to play a small part in creating some amazing projects.

How has CDUK evolved over the last few years?

Our story, as a family company, was built from the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder Mr Baker over 40 years ago, when he set out to fill a gap in the market by finding a robust alternative to cultured marble countertops. Eventually he found the revolutionary solid surface material Corian®, and effectively established the solid surface material market in the UK & Ireland, as well as having a strong influence globally. Over the years, CDUK has continued to strive for innovation and evolution, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

CDUK first identified its place with the residential and commercial sectors and has since grown and diversified its offer, responding to market changes and customer needs. Working with customers to find innovative and creative design solutions, the team work closely with architects, designers, and suppliers across a variety of sectors including office space, hospitality, retail, some of the most beautiful residential kitchen and bathroom installations and healthcare. We’ve also been involved in some amazing exterior cladding projects recently.

We are expanding our product range and developing our services in an ambitious programme of growth and development, and we pride ourselves on being an adaptable, ever-changing company, ready to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We never tire of working closely with designers to help them fulfil their design ambitions.

Kitchen by Marble Building Products, featuring Corian® Solid Surface
Kitchen by Marble Building Products, featuring Corian® Solid Surface

What does the future hold for CDUK?

Recently, CDUK has been through a period of change. CDUK founder Mr Baker, a man to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude, retired from the company in 2020 and sadly passed away recently. Quite simply, CDUK would not exist if it wasn’t for Mr Baker. He was hugely innovative, having great vision for what products people wanted, particularly when it came to creating high quality kitchens and bathrooms. His son Gary has become our Group Managing Director, he’s been with the business for 15 years and as he takes on this more senior position I am delighted to be appointed as Divisional Managing Director at CDUK, responsible for our surface design products and developing our proposition to customers and partners. I look forward to driving growth and success for CDUK. It’s a great opportunity at a very exciting time and a position I’m very proud to hold.

At CDUK, we are excited about the future. We will never forget our heritage, that’s what makes us who we are, but we’ll develop, innovate, evolve and succeed to make sure Mr Baker is proud of us and what we’ll do in the future.

While Corian® Solid Surface remains at the heart of what we do, and we maintain a strong relationship with DuPont, we are very much looking forward to expanding our portfolio of surfaces and products beyond Corian® in the near future. There’s a lot of work to do but it will be great to see the business grow in the coming months and years.

We feel that CDUK has a lot to offer the design community, with a range of products, services and fabricator partners that will help our customers to realise their design dreams.

Colony Club Casino Bar, Corian® Solid Surface fabricated by Atelier Joinery Ltd. Photography Richard Southall
Colony Club Casino Bar, Corian® Solid Surface fabricated by Atelier Joinery Ltd. Photography Richard Southall