Designer training

Discover a world of potential for kitchen design.

We are currently offering kitchen designer training as hour-long, bitesize sessions called CDUK Discovery Hours. These offer in-depth and interactive training specifically developed to support you and your team in providing the highest level of expertise when designing with Corian® Solid Surface.

There are 8 Discovery Hours to choose from, covering an array of topics, including the unique features and benefits of Corian® Solid Surface, hygiene and maintenance plus the complementary products in our portfolio and how they can take your kitchen designs to the next level.

CDUK Discovery Hours*

1. An Introduction to Corian® Solid Surface
2. What is a Corian® Quality Network Home Design Partner?
3. Hygiene, Care & Maintenance
4. Corian® Solid Surface Design Consultation
5. Design Inspiration and Innovation
6. Design-led Sinks & Taps
7. Coving & Thermoforming Features
8. Colours of Corian®

* Each of 1-8 is a stand-alone Discovery Hour.

We deliver Designer Training via online platforms, such as Teams and Zoom, or face-to-face as a meeting or ‘Lunch & Learn’ session. Let’s discuss a date and time that suits you. 

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