Milan Design Week 2024

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We are delighted to be attending Milan Design Week 2024 and supporting our partners Corian®️ Design and The Good Plastic Company.

Nature’s Canvas, curated by Corian® design
Discover the beauty of Nature’s Canvas, curated by Corian®️ Design, an immersive experience highlighting a preview of the new Corian®️ colour collection and its diverse range of nature-inspired designs, available from CDUK in summer 2024. From breathtaking cliffsides and flowing water to tranquil foliage and natural terrain, the new looks from Corian® offer both variety and usability, featuring nature’s most desired aesthetic influences.

Location: Opificio 31 – Officina 1, Via Tortona, 31, Milan

Hello, Earth Speaking by The Good Plastic Company
Created in collaboration with B-Corp-certified StudioXAG, the Hello, Earth Speaking installation by The Good Plastic Company revolves around shaping a sustainable future through interactive experiences and thought-provoking displays built in Polygood®, inspiring meaningful conversations and action towards a more eco-conscious world.

Location: Superstudio Piu, Via Tortona, 27, 20144 Milan

If you are planning a trip to Milan Design Week 2024, Team CDUK would be delighted to guide you through the Corian®️ and Polygood®️ installations. To arrange a meeting with Team CDUK, get in touch by calling 0113 201 2245 or email us at