Montelli® surfaces

Non - porous Decorative Solid Hygienic Repairable

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Montelli® Surfaces is a decorative solid surface material, which can be used in a variety of interior applications in both commercial and residential sectors. 

A composite polyester product, Montelli® is produced by a continuous casting process, meeting strict quality control standards.

It is supplied in sheets and can be used to create kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, for wall cladding, shopfitting applications and in healthcare.

Because the material is solid, and uniform right through, the surface is durable, non-porous, hygienic and repairable.

Montelli® sheets can be cut, routed, joined with inconspicuous seams, sanded and engraved to create a wide variety of designs, colour inlays and effects*.

The Montelli® Collection by CDUK has been selected specifically for the UK and Ireland solid surface market, based on insights gained from being the exclusive distributor of Corian® Solid Surface in the UK and Ireland for over 40 years.

A range of warm, cool and neutral browns and greys sit alongside more typical white and beige to complement and coordinate with designs for residential and commercial interior spaces.

*Montelli® Surfaces cannot be thermoformed or used for exterior cladding applications.

Montelli stain resistant

stain resistant

As a solid, non-porous surface, Montelli® offers excellent stain resistance.

Montelli non-porous


Does not promote the growth of mould, bacteria or mildew.

Montelli heat resistant

heat resistant

Ideal for kitchen work surfaces combining aesthetics with tough practicality.

Montelli inconspicuous joints

Inconspicuous joints

Montelli® can be accurately cut and joined seamlessly.

Montelli easy to clean

Easy to clean

Solid and non-porous, Montelli® is hygienic and easy to clean.

Montelli durable


Impact resistant and easily repairable.