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CDUK has formed a new partnership with The Good Plastic Company and is now the exclusive supplier of Polygood® in the UK and Ireland.

Polygood® is a high quality, sustainable surface material, made from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic. 

Polygood® panels are available in 24 unique and diverse colours and patterns. They are the largest plastic panels available on the UK and Ireland market. The Good Plastic Company is an international manufacturer of plastic panels with large scale, superior tooling and manufacturing. At CDUK we add our expertise for surface design solutions, fabrication experience and industry know-how – along with range availability – to deliver versatile, sustainable solutions with visually stunning, unique aesthetics.

Polygood® – Finalist 'Product Design: Surfaces and Finishes', SBID International Design Awards 2023

Material with meaning

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A visible commitment to sustainability

Polygood® panels are 100% recyclable and are made from 100% recycled PS (Polystyrene). Each pattern has its own unique sustainability back-story.

Polygood® is produced from a wide range of post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste sources: from refrigerators, to single-use cutlery; electronics to industrial consumables. Polygood® Sea Foam Dark, shown here, includes the recycled CNC shavings of other Polygood® panels.

We believe that, by inspiring the design and manufacture of products and surfaces made from recycled plastics, we can not only keep this material from ending up in landfill, the oceans, or incinerators, but – better still – continue its life as a beautiful design solution for your project for many years to come, before it’s recycled again!

Third party accreditation
The Good Plastic Company has attained Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze status for the innovative surface material, Polygood®, making it the first material of its kind to achieve this distinction. Polygood® has also attained a verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


100% recycled and 100% recyclable, with a takeback and remanufacturing programme.


Made from a single type of plastic to ensure circularity.


2800 x 1400mm.


Available at scale to supply projects requiring hundreds of square metres of material.


CDUK holds stock of all colours within our portfolio in the UK.


Made from recycled hard plastics, Polygood® panels are durable, waterproof, and hygienic.

widest colour range

Within sustainable materials in the market.


Can be CNC routed, polished, sanded, thermoformed, drilled and glued.


The sustainable advantages of this material are equalled by its aesthetics.

Core Range: Comprises of 12 naturalistic and modern patterns in a range of colour palettes that combine beauty with sustainability. The colours reflect current trends to ensure that your designs are stylish, modern and available in quantity for large interior and exterior design projects

Bespoke Selection: New interior design trends emerge all the time. This collection of colours includes patterns that are more unique, distinctive and some are even translucent or transparent. These colours are limited production, available in lower quantities than the Core Range, due to the origin of the raw materials used.

Special Production Colours: We can discuss special production orders for larger projects; these would be subject to longer lead times.

Glaze Sprinkles
Translucent Clear
Sea Foam Grey
Marble Desert
Salt Dune
Emerald Ghost
White Terrazzo
Pure Grey
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Panel specification

Dimensions: 2800 x 1400mm, 2800 x 700mm
Thickness: 12mm and 19mm (thickness tolerance: +/- 0.5mm)
Weight: Light weight (1m2 = 12kg) 

Design versatility

  • Polygood® is a structural material, no need for wooden supports or other elements for stability – so it even encourages sustainability in assembly and construction as it can be easily disassembled and recycled.
  • Easy to work with, the material can be cut with saw blades, CNC machines or water-jet.
  • Polygood® can be connected at 45° angles, glued using acrylic glue and joined with seals and screws, or mechanically.
  • Complex and custom edge details can be achieved easily.
  • The surface of Polygood® can be sanded and polished to a velvet matte or a glossy mirror finish.
  • All colours and patterns of Polygood® can be thermoformed to create curves and shapes.
  • Selected Bespoke Selection Polygood® colours can be backlit to dramatic effect.


Polygood® panels are ideal for a wide range of applications, including commercial, office, hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Polygood® isn’t recommended for kitchen work surfaces but is suitable for extensive vertical and horizontal applications including furniture, reception desks, tables, seating, space division, wall panelling and shelving, tea points, bathrooms and washrooms (shower enclosures and vanity units), point of sale and plinths, retail counters, exhibition booths, signage and lighting.