Keep-Nut Fixings

Keep-Nut™ inserts for facilitating the handling and installation of a variety of surface materials.

Keep-Nut™ is a press-in threaded insert that utilises a mechanical anchoring feature. These small inserts are designed to install into a wide range of surface materials.

Types available:
KN2-M6-H6 (12mm)
KN4-M6-H8.5 (19mm)

Simple hole preparation

Quick installation

No need for resins or adhesives

Radial force is produced only while the insert is under tensile load. The crowns spread the load into the parent material, allowing large loads to be carried

Thread stops before end of insert, avoiding extraction as a result of the use of an excessively long bolt

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Technical bulletins, installation guides and additional product information also available on our download page.