Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth boasts an impressive bar and service counter in Corian® Solid Surface, seamlessly joined to offer benefits such as hygiene – a must in any modern hospitality environment
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Designer: Billy Shek, N8 Design
Fabricator: Independent Furniture & Interiors
Products used: Corian® Glacier White, Textura Flutter

Dynamic Earth is a five-star visitor attraction in Edinburgh that tells the thrilling and evolving story of our unique planet. It offers stunning event spaces with panoramic views of Edinburgh’s sights (both natural and architectural) one of which, the Stratosphere exhibit floor, benefits from an impressive bar and service counter.

Going beyond design versatility
Adding value in terms of both design and durability, Corian® Solid Surface was the material of choice for this generous and curving installation. The bar is a striking, high-impact installation that spans in excess of 14 metres and incorporates elegant curves and varying levels. Its fascia features the decorative 3D-effect Textura panels, while the bar top is in sleek, sinuous, seamlessly joined Corian® in matching Glacier White. The ‘Flutter’ pattern of the Corian® Textura panels was carefully chosen to echo other visual motifs in the space.

Designer Billy Shek of N8 explains why Corian® Solid Surface was the right material for the job: “The immediate requirements were both in terms of aesthetics and performance; whilst ensuring the product complemented the ethos of the building and the environment. Additionally, Corian® could be templated, thermoformed and then brought to site for the final fix, which ensured minimal impact to the daily operation of the centre, but also ensured a level of quality in the overall execution. The rippled pattern was purposefully selected as it echoes the ‘ozone’ wave theme that is used throughout Dynamic Earth, but it also allowed for lighting to be fitted to the underside of the counter which can then transform the space from day to night use.”

Taking design to the next level
The dramatic illumination of the bar is indeed one of its most striking features, enhancing the ambience of the venue in a way that is particularly effective for special events. Corian® is renowned for its adaptability as much as its reliability and is also highly compatible with technology, thus making an excellent canvas for creative lighting schemes. The lighting design for the bar at Dynamic Earth has been achieved using Applelec colour changing LEDs.

In terms of fabrication for the project, great skill was both demanded and delivered by Independent Furniture & Interiors of Glasgow, particularly when it came to thermoforming to both loose and tight radii and then bonding the patterned fascia panels, applying their expert in-house capability and high-tech facilities.

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